DeathBall began development in early 2017 by Tony Hauber. A software engineer by trade, Tony taught himself game development in his spare time to create games that aligned with his other passion: arcade gaming.

Designed as a 1v1 competitive game, it has been called "Rocket League with Wizards" and has been seen rigorous testing at various competitive Killer Queen tournaments around the country.  

Currently, DeathBall is available for play at:
Brewcade - San Francisco, 
Arcade Legacy: Bar Edition - Cincinnati,
Close Quarters: Social Gaming Club - Columbus,
Bauhaus Brew Labs - Minneapolis,
Keg & Coin - Florida,
Starport Arcade and Pub - West Virginia,
UpDown Arcade Bar - Minneapolis,
Drews Sports Bar & Grill - Elkader, Iowa.



I basically gave Ketaki a 24x24 sprite and told her to dig into the 80’s video game box art aesthetic — The moody over realized versions of the in-game sprites. I was blown away by what she came back with. After careful research and gathering of reference material, she produced a great representation of that aesthetic and it is one of the most commented on parts of the cabinets. Her work on this has fit so well that I plan to create posters of the two wizards facing off.
— Tony Hauber


Brand Attributes

High-contrast, Competitive, Exciting


You and an adversarial wizard do battle to the death with arcade soccer platforming action for the magical implement known only as the "DeathBall". I took the in game graphics and revisualized it in a classic 80's over realized box game art (think of Double Dragon) of wizard which is put up on side of DeathBall cabinets. 

Photographs by Close Quarters.


Version 2 of Side Art


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