About Ketaki  


Ketaki Poyekar is a branding and web designer and a self-taught artist. She runs the bold, fresh design and art studio that is Studio K8Ki.

Studio K8Ki began simply: with the desire to help curious, creative, strong entrepreneurs who are working their asses off to share their amazing talent and skills with the world stand out in a crowded marketplace.

She simply craves creativity. She tends to gravitate towards minimalist, clean design and her projects definitely reflect that. She loves playing with typefaces, colors, and textures and to test and experiment new directions.

After almost a year of working with a variety of brilliant clients on her own, Ketaki found there were often roadblocks between clients' goals and true success, and those blocks often had nothing to do with business. It is the building a brand and strategically marketing it to their target audience. Depending on the project, She collaborate with a network of very talented people who specialize in everything from photography and videography to give the client the full package.

  • Never does anything by halves + lives by the whole heart and soul
  • Cherishes fur-babes Margaret & Cleo
  • Has one to many houseplants
  • Went from masters degree, senior graphic & product design in Bay Area, owning branding and web design studio. 
  • Lived in Mumbai, India → San Francisco, California → Elkader, Iowa.

Still curious?

DSC04969 (1).jpg

Growing up in Mumbai, India I always knew that I wanted to be a designer like my mom. I loved drawing so my parents took me to a lot of drawing competitions and at 8 year old I won a gold medal in an all India competition. 

Fast forward about 8 years, I found myself about to graduate from college with her BFA degree in Applied Art and no real plan for what to do after school. I had this weird feeling that things were going to unfold naturally, so I wasn’t too worried about looking for jobs. Curiosity and hunger to learn more moved me to the other side of the world- San Francisco, California to pursue MFA in Web Design & New Media.

About half way into my masters I met her then-boyfriend Tony in the most unexpected and beautiful way. An Indian metropolitan girl fell in love with a small-town American boy and his cute little dog Margaret. 

Just a month before I graduated, I landed a job in the San Francisco Bay-Area as a product designer. And there I was living the perfect American dream I aways dreamt of. Next thing I know, he was proposing and asking me to marry him. Of course, I said yes.

IMG_0329 (1).PNG

We planned our non-traditional wedding in a month, got married and moved to Tony's hometown Elkader, Iowa a week later. I know, that sounds crazy and stressful, but honestly, it all felt so right and effortless. We knew that we were at the beginning of something we were always meant to do.

Tony wanted to make an indie arcade game- DeathBall and running a business was the absolute last thing on my mind, but the universe led me to it. Although I was terrified of the idea of starting my own studio I had to give it a try. We have no idea where we’ll be next year or the year after that and I have no idea how K8Ki will grow, but there’s freedom in not knowing and just flowing through it. It’s been a beautiful, scary, challenging, eye-opening adventure so far and I’m just so grateful that I was brave enough to say yes.

I enjoy tea, sushi, long walks and buying one too many houseplants. It always a little scary in the beginning but I'll cheers to your newest creative endeavor because I believe that following your passion is the only way to live.