Brand Discovery Questionnaire


Developing a brand identity is one area of marketing that’s often overlooked. Because it doesn’t provide direct, measurable results, it’s usually the last thing a company is willing to spend their money on.

But what the most successful companies know is that defining a solid brand identity helps establish the groundwork needed to pursue marketing tactics that support lead generation and customer loyalty. So, where do you begin?

Remember: There’s no need to rush through answering all of these questions! Your responses will ultimately determine your brand’s positioning, so this exercise should take you some time. Please fill out the following questionnaire to help me create your brand that is as unique as you.

Your Name *
Your Name
Try to sum up the goals + mission of your business in one sentence. Make sure to include who your ideal audience is, what your business has to offer, as well as how they benefit from your service/product.
These words will cultivate the emotion that people get when interacting with your brand.
Try to get specific! Are they a certain age or demographic? What adjectives describe them? Where do they shop?
If for the web, for example, a horizontal logo works best. Stickers, T-shirt, etc.
This allows me to better understand your market + competition. We want to make sure to steer away from a visual identity that is too similar to theirs. You have a unique brand, and I want to make sure we stay true to that.
Common color associations include: Blue: Integrity, Trust, Tranquility, Loyalty, Intelligence Green: Money, Growth, Freshness, Environmental-Friendliness Yellow: Happiness, Originality, Energy Purple: Royalty, Spirituality, Luxury Pink: Femininity, Compassion, Playfulness Red: Power, Strength, Passion Orange: Courage, Originality, Success White: Cleanliness, Purity, Freshness Black: Elegance, Drama, Strength
Are they fun + whimsical, clean + professional, or sophisticated? Think in terms of your business, not just brands that you personally love. We need to make sure that your new visual identity best represents your business, and not just your personal style — although sometimes these are one in the same!
Do you have a preference on typography? *
(ex: script, bold, light, hand drawn, custom lettering, etc.)
Which one of these logo formats do you believe best represents your brand? *