Custom Building Portrait

Custom Building Portrait

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Custom HAND DRAWING Building Portrait.

This is 100% hand drawing.
Very good for a gift, a memorable souvenir.
Trust me, you will love it.

!!!! PLEASE READ THIS before you place an order !!!!
Normally only 3~4 processing day + 2~3 business day delivery (Express mail is possible if needed)
So total turn around time will be 5~8 days
* For holiday - takes longer than usual *

Please give me all the details such as the color of the roof, shutter and etc.
This is a 100% hand drawing so it's hard to change it once I start.

COMMUNICATION is the most important thing.
When I have a question, I will send you a message but if I don't hear from you in 10 hours then I will go ahead and paint what I see in the picture and you can't change it in the future (this is my shop policy).

HOW TO ORDER (Put everything in the message):
1. Select the size and purchase the item.
2. Send me a message with pictures of the house and color details. Siding, Trim, Roof, Shutters and front door etc
3. Also the title & address
(Ex, First text line - Our First Home/Church/School or something you like to put in
Second text line - Address or Est 2014..)
4. Send me the shipping address
5. Enjoy it :)

Painted with professional grade watercolors on archival watercolor paper. 

For the BEST condition & No lost, Everything will be PRIORITY MAIL
Drawing will be wrapped and packed with hard card board.

Thank you!!