Designing cohesive brands that are impactful and reflects the heart of your business.

Studio K8Ki began simply— with the desire to help create, hard-working, entrepreneurs, share their amazing talent with the world and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

My styles are thoughtful yet simple. I gravitate towards minimalist design. I love playing with colors, fonts, and textures, to create something entirely unique for my clients.

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What’s behind the name?

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When I moved to the United States from India, a lot of people had trouble pronouncing my name. Among all the names, birth name Ketaki (Ke-tuh-kee) and friends given name Kit-Kat. K8Ki that is a hybrid of visual representation of its pronunciation.


The name K8Ki reflects my philosophy on communicating something to a new culture as simply as possible and giving it a visual representation, too!


 I specialize in working with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who have:

  • recently discovered their passion and want to share it with the world

  • undergone a life-change or major epiphany — causing them to desire a rebrand

  • finally ready to start that side-hustle or maybe take it on full-time?

Is this you?

My role is to shape your brand and build a beautiful website that attracts the right clients — so you can focus on changing the world.


more about me

Growing up in Mumbai I always knew I wanted to be a designer like my mom. My parents took me to a lot of drawing competitions, and at 10-year old, I won a gold medal in a country-wide competition.

Five years later, I found myself graduating from college with my BFA degree in Applied Art and no real plan for what to do next.

I had this vague feeling that things were going to unfold naturally, so I wasn’t too worried about looking for jobs. Eager to learn more and increase my odds of success, I moved me to the other side of the world—San Francisco, to be exact. Here, I pursued my MFA in Web Design & New Media.

Halfway into my masters, I met my then-boyfriend Tony (in the most unexpected and beautiful way—at a networking event called Digital Detox where we had to check in our cell phones. We ran into each other by chance and almost spend the whole evening talking to each other. Because we didn’t have our phones, he wrote my name and number down on a piece of paper in a very old-fashioned way. Adorable fact: I found out later he spent our first several dates trying to collect clues on how to actually pronounce it).

It’s true. It seemed straight out of a novel— an Indian metropolitan girl falling in love with a small-town boy from the midwest. Both in an unfamiliar city, trying to find their way.

Then, just as I felt it always would, things started to really come together for me. Just a semester before I graduated, I landed a job as a product designer. Next thing I knew, Tony asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!. I felt I was living the American Dream!

Tony wanted to pursue his childhood dream of making video games which meant moving back to his hometown where life was more affordable. Because I was on a work visa, we decided to get married right away. We planned a non-traditional wedding in under a month, got married and moved to Tony's hometown Elkader, Iowa the next week.

I know, it sounds crazy and stressful, but honestly, it all felt so right and effortless.

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In a new town, I was terrified of the idea of starting my own design studio, but my options were limited so I had to give it a try.

We had no idea where we’d be within a year or the year after that, and still, I have no idea how Studio K8Ki will grow! But there’s something special in not knowing... and just flowing through it.

It’s been a beautiful, scary, challenging, eye-opening adventure so far and I am just so grateful that I was brave enough to say yes.

...and that my clients have said ‘YES!’ to me as well.